Taban Gostar Khavaran Company is registered for commercial affairs and export and trade union under registered No. 147948 in Companies Registration Office and industrial property in 1998. It has had considerable activity in commercial affairs and export so it could be a typical exporter after 2 years.

Nearly four years ago, along with economic goals of Islamic Republic of Iran holy system and in order to create jobs and entrepreneurship for the first time, it followed the idea of industrial household products based on decentralized productions and outsourcing (production without factory) and we put producing different kinds of air filters and car’s cabin and working at home in our agenda.

Since the production of mentioned filters is subject to compulsory standard, implementing it in the form of household jobs by manufacturers should be made after necessary training and it’s clear that productions for observing qualitative principles including supply of suitable raw material should be made and manufacturing filters should be confirmed and finally necessary laboratory tests should be exercised in terms of quality of final product. Accordingly, proposed design under No. 11248/92 dated Nov 20th 2013 by presidency of Standard National Organization and Iran industrial researches will be offered and we demanded respected president of Standard National Organization to agree upon establishment of a counterpart’s laboratory for doing qualitative tests of products as above by Taban Gostar Khavaran Company and finally the demand of this company was agreed by letter dated Dec 2nd 2013 under No. 64878. For expert and proper implementation of establishing requested laboratory, contract No. 237 dated Mar 16th 2014 was concluded with research center of Standard National Organization. Since world’s standard concerning doing quality control of standard 5011, it was stated that according to report No. 462064 dated Mar 13th 2015 of Standard research center that recent standard will be firstly made by this company and related machineries will be provided from Germany. Also, along with completing activities and since that this company has had the fulfillment of this as a household job and no standard and training had been defined for this issue, standardization and training air filter and cabin of cars was compiled by referring repeatedly to technical and occupational organization. We with the help of respected experts of technical and occupational organization have the honour of informing interested people and audiences that Taban Gostar Khavaran Company could register training standardization, making air filter and cabin for the first time in country by educational code 7231-01-55-1.

About activities of company

Although development of household jobs have been proposed for years but industrial household jobs other than carpet weaving weren’t among industrial household jobs, but in today’s world decentralized production as new branch of economic sciences was proposed and its successful and prominent example can be seen in China. So, by continuous follows up and cooperation of ministers and related organizations, Taban Gostar Khavaran Company could firstly include an industrial production as working at home in the list of household jobs and have the honour of first holder of license of household jobs producing air filter and cabin in the country (license No: 178951/40/942).

  1. Production of household air filter (working at home)

Taban Gostar Khavaran Company was successful in defining production of air filter and cabin of cars for the first time in country among household jobs and taking action for standardization of training by technical and occupational organization and this company has the honour of being recognized as the entrepreneur and this issue is confirmed in labour market gazette dated Sep 19th 2015. So, according to the obtained permit this company could differentiate production of aforementioned filters and its derivatives as working at home and create about 35 household jobs and train 500 people for aforementioned products and take action for employment of these people due to investment amount and the ability of people due to current state of job seekers in terms of age, female or male and environmental conditions of residence. Each person is able to produce 60 to 250 air filters or cabin daily in a shift after obtaining necessary skill and required investment will be 1.600.000 Toman and more which is variant proportionate to individual and financial conditions and abilities. However, what is more concerned is to produce hand-made filter and in a 300 package which required investment amount is currently 1.600.000 Toman. If the manufacturer takes actions based on company training and produces 5 working days in a shift per week, least income is based on salary of ministry of labour.

  1. Production of car’s air filter and household cabin filters

Production of air filter and cabin at home is individually contrary to rules and regulations because this product is subject to standard and on the other hand if the person intends to produce filter at home, its production due to lack of warehouse of raw materials and facilities of having brand and packaging and also market has no economic justification based on article 9 standard law apart from violation and in this case, the manufacturer should invest at least between 40 to 60 million toman for daily production of 200 to 300 filters. However, if the manufacturer was covered after necessary training can produce and keep away from affairs related to supply of raw materials and packaging and marketing in cycles related to these affairs and use his focus and power in production. It’s clear that by investing between 2 to 3 percent in comparison with the aforementioned, he can benefit from a suitable job in his life and is responsible for supporting household jobs, doing affairs related to supply of raw materials, branding, packaging and marketing.

  1. Clearing some ambiguities

Since production of air filter and cabin is of special elegance and accuracy in spite of simplicity of production process, unfortunately some people have attempted to regard this issue simple and some job seekers hope themselves to an impossible income in comparison with investment and production which I should inform interested people that according to culture of our people and disagreement of most families which disagree working their wives and children outside home, this project is alongside goals of this company and if obtained income is more that what was said is beyond reality and then causes discouraging manufacturer and it’s not rational that by a 1.600.000 million toman investment and an easy work along with family members we expect more than this amount (approved salary of labour department) and in fact justifies himself unreasonably or the others create such an image in our mind. Here, it’s recommended that all job seekers select working at home as their main or second job, should be assured of existence of supporting permit, real or legal entity as supporter which cover job seekers for production in this job or any other job which is considered as working at home otherwise there’s possibility of any misuse and violation.

Different kinds of productions

Currently as the people were informed, this company has near to 35 different productions according to ability and investment of manufactures which mainly include as follows:

  1. Production of hand-made air filter and cabin filter (the air inside the car:

Main part of working at home: regarding production of different kinds of handmade air filters and cabin and working at home, only a space of 2 to 3 square meter is required and the manufacturer can daily produce 60 to 250 air filters by necessary training according to the sample which is prepared by educational productions of manufacturer and approved by supporter in his residence and maximum after one week practice but it’s more for filters inside the car or cabin filters. Commission of mentioned productions is 160 to 500 Toman for each filter and an ordinary manufacturer is able to obtain monthly income of at least 800 to 900.000 Toman. Since the ability of all people isn’t the same, there are manufactures that can obtain amount of 1.500.000 Toman as commission because of being quick. Of course, this amount of production isn’t possible by everybody by observing qualitative points. Also, we should inform that there are few people which aren’t capable of producing air filter. As a result, the company refrains from conclusion of contact with these people and assign producing cabin filters which have simpler process. Required investment for this production is currently 1.600.000 Toman which will be concluded by a contract for six months to one year with the manufacturer and in case of observing qualitative points and discipline in production, the manufacturer will be introduced to concerned authorities based on mutual contract and certificate of expertise for taking loan of household jobs which they benefit from this loan up to 5.000.000 Toman. Currently, it’s only this company which has the permit of conclusion of contract of household jobs and issuing certificate of expertise for introducing applicants for facilities of household jobs.

The manufacturers should only consider points related to form quality and beauty of filter and productions in their activity and delivery of suitable and high quality raw material is duties of supporting company (Taban Gostar Khavaran).

B: In production of raw material regarding that one of important raw material of producing air filter and cabin is the quality of folded paper and kind of used paper and basically production of filter without fine and good quality paper isn’t possible. So, this company in its own workshop and applicants and holders of paper-folding machine deliver 200 to 300 kilogram roll paper with glue per day and pay 1300 Toman commission for each kilogram production of Pride and Peugeot folded paper. It’s clear that this requires the existence of at least a space between 24 to 40 square meter and required investment for this production is 15 to 30.000.000 Toman depending on rate of daily production and kind of machinery. Also, if the manufacturer has the order of machinery, the mentioned one will be purchased by opinion and confirmation of applicant and manufacturer from reliable and authentic people which price of machinery depending on kind of machinery and production volume in a working shift is different and variant. For example, a folding machinery with services of raw material supply and guarantee of receiving production has folded at least 6 tonnages roll paper on average with a 50 million capital and with 20 working day in a month and by observing qualitative points in monthly productions and accordingly he receives 7 to 8.0000 commission monthly by calculating 133 Toman commission for each kilogram which 5.000.000 Toman as net profit will be remained for the manufacturer.

C: foam injection devices (automatic or semi-automatic devices of production of air fiter): although these devices are capable of producing between 300 to 500 air filter, with regard to compliance with all production standards are capable of producing 500 to 1000 air filters in a working day for 5 days per week. It is clear that checking device, its setting and observing qualitative principles, overproduction by maximum power destroys the device. As a result, it produces on average 10 to 20.000 manufacturing filter per month with suitable quality which production commission of each filter is 160 to 500.000Toman and it is clear that expenses of water, electricity, telephone and other affairs should be deducted from total sum of monthly commission. We should inform the interested people and manufacturers that regarding domestic production devices if the statistics were proposed more than aforementioned isn’t true and in case of doing so, the productions have no necessary quality and then won’t be accepted in test step.

  1. other details

In a near future, this company along with development of manufacturing goals and employment has new planning in aforementioned fields in paragraphs a, b and c which you will be informed. Since it has undertaken research affairs and consultations proportionate to facilities of applicants, supply of raw material, standardization, packaging, distribution and sales. The company should pay appropriate commission to manufacturers and owners of recent mentioned workshops in lieu of productions.

Ongoing projects

Taban Gostar Khavaran Comapny has new and creative plans in field of development of household jobs and particular, in production of air filters and cabin and its derivatives and production of filter parts in a near future which will be notified soon. It is clear that all people in all ages could benefit from suitable and considerable income in comparison with other manufacturing affairs according to ability and environmental facilities in field of production, activity and proportionate to ability and necessary investment.

New jobs will be mainly made in following fields:

  1. Production of different kinds of car air filters which its handmade and household production is possible
  2. Production of different kinds of household cabin (inside the cabin)